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We offer solutions to schools and organizations to help their students reach their potential without leaving anyone behind. Our programs were designed to help and motivate students to go beyond their skills and recognize real life solutions.  

Our Services


We provide full integrated education kits to  complement our activities. Our innovative kits are available for all school and organizations that would like to use with their own school programs.

Educational Tools and Profile

We offer the tools necessary to test students IQ, EI and Skills to assign them into SMART (Science, Math, Art, Relation, Technology) courses. Along with online tools and university resources for students to continue growing their skills at home.

Facilitators Certification

We provide organizations and schools the teaching tools to certified their own professors into Differentiated Facilitators and be able to help gifted children reach their own potential.


Innovative Profiling

A reliable and friendly process for the identification and selection of outstanding young people "SMART".

Advance Education

Multidisciplinary, dynamic and innovative learning programs designed to develop integral talent.


Versatility of programs to facilitate access to outstanding young people. Independent SMART Club facilities or SMART Club centers in schools, during school hours, after school or summer programs.

Fun and Interactive Space

A space to enrich themselves with experiences with other gifted students. Areas designed for each of the 5 SMART skills.

Dignified Care Program

We have staff of certified professionals and dedicated spaces to offer comprehensive health assistance programs and emotional and vocational counseling.

SMART Certified Facilitators

Gifted and certified international facilitators to enrich the multidisciplinary skills and knowledge of the participants.

International Online Network

International network of vocational links with companies, universities and entrepreneurs to support the career plans and aspirations of outstanding young people.

Access to All Gifted Children

Non-profit program to provide access to all bright young people.


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