Club SMART is part of Renase SMART, an international organization which main goal is to Restore the Natual Socio-Economic Enviroement.

A SMART self-study program, based on problem solving and emotional facilitation; designed to respond to individual needs and aspirations to allow them to achieve the best of them. We offer a social and educational space to interact with other outstanding young people who share aspirations and are also passionate about learning.

Our main objective is to enrich the minds and emotinal intelligence of talented students.  

Education for Gifted Students

We offer a unique education for gifted children to develop their talent during the summer and school calendar year. Our courses are a combination of social and cultural skills called SMART (Science Math, Arts, Relations, and Technology). We provide a fun challenging environment where gifted students will learn by hands-on solving problems and projects. 

Our Vision

Increase the number of professionals with superior and responsable talent to better respond to the sustainable development goals.

Our Mission

Develop the capacity of the private and public education systems to provide access to differentiated SMART talent development programs to allow all gifted students achieve the best of them.

Our Approach Club SMART ™

Identify the gifted by conducting recognized IQ, emotional intelligence and leadership assessments.

Assign child to Club SMART projects based on skills and individual aspirations.

Develop the talent by assigning solving problem activities, debates and projects align to their aspirations and real world.

Provide counseling and coaching sessions to help achieve their personal and career aspirations.

Our Programs

Each Club Smart is supported by Qualified Smart Facilitator. 
Programs are available for kids 8-15 years old and are offered in english as second language with flexible hours to respond to school systems and parents logistics 

After School Program

Programs after school during the calendar year at your current school our certified school.

Extraction Program

Programs durings school calendar year given only at your current school or oganization.

Summer Programs

Programs during the summer given only at your current school or our certfied schools.

Our Story

Differentiated Talent Development was launched by Renase Smart in 2000 within the business environment to accelerate the talent development of bright young employees and internships with remarkable succes. In 2005 was enhanced and implemented at private schools and entrepreneurs and for more than 10 years has been growing around the world.

In 2013, we recognized that Latin America where behind proving acces of differentiated talent development opportunities to gifted students. 

And initiated the promotions with government and private sector to help increase the access to Smart Differentiated Education to those talents students.

The first Club Smart center was build in 2017 and initiated operations in 2018.The expansion plan includes Club Smart centers at schools and third party facilities in Mexico, Central America and South America

Meet our Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to helping gifted children achieve their potential

Juan Manuel Garcia

Juan M. Garcia

CEO and Founder

Patricia Sanchez

Patricia Sanchez

Co Founder Renase Smart
Director of Global Operations

Stadtwerke München SWM
Mitarbeiter f. Intranet
Foto: Marcus Schlaf, 18.10.2018

Simon Leschek

Global Director and Development Smart Programs

Jhoana Garcia

Jhoana Garcia

Global Marketing Director

Jean-Pierre Lafont

Global Psychologist Gifted Education


Manuel J Garcia

Lead Global Facilitator

Carolina Lizarraga

Carolina Lizarraga

Lead Facilitator

Esther Betancourt

Esther Betancourt

Director Club Smart Mazatlán


Sandra Luz Sanchez

Psychologist Gifted Education

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